Color Me Rad Bike Chain & Crystals

$28.00 $24.00


Color you rad! Bring it big with bike bling.

Stainless steel bike chain links, hand painted and sealed to keep the color flowing. Silver finish charm crystals, silver finish 45mm teardrop hoops, surgical steel hooks.

45mm Hoop


EHLC  01  Grape Juice
EHLC  02  Sour Candy
EHLC  03  Razz
EHLC  04  Royal Sapphire
EHLC  05  Teal Emerald
EHLC  06  Tangerine (coming soon)
EHLC  07  Charcoal/Black


Grape Juice, Sour Candy, Razz, Royal Sapphire, Teal Emerald, Charcoal/Black