Photo credit: Jillian Schantz Patrick

bicibits, a true story. A girl, her bike, grins and bruises, thousands of amazing adventures and many miles not yet ventured. That pretty much sums up my life on a bike. The journey started at a very young age on the back of my brother’s bicycle with a heart pounding exclamation of “I can fly!”. That feeling returns every single time I pedal on. It’s pure joy! Be it on the road, dirt, trails or just cruising around, nothing takes the place of that freedom delivered in the wind, wildly plastering a stoked smile on my face.

The connection to nature, the unraveling of daily life’s entanglements, commuting, whatever is around the next bend, and of course the healthy stuff is why I ride.

I have been many things in this life. I still am…a daughter, a sister, a student, a friend, an adventurer, a designer, a shop owner, an adopted mom, a photographer, a teacher…and now add on a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivor/warrior to the list.

July 23, 2010 will remain engraved in my mind, while so many other things were wiped away. Yes, I was on my bicycle, a beautiful custom built steel frame, hand painted road bike. The villain? A driver. Who won? The car, for a while…Today? Me.

I was literally derailed by TBI. The ultimate bonk. But coasting has never been part of my DNA. So I have chosen to keep pedaling, even on the grueling steep climbs and gnarly descents.

bicibits was in the works before the accident, catching air, and a sprouting dream for the eventual teacher retirement. Its parameters may have changed, but the sentiment remains in the mission: To create a line of cycling gifts and bike lifestyle apparel that celebrates the love of bicycles. Products of environmentally conscientious, high quality and affordable materials. Along with an accessories line and original bicycle art that keeps your ride smile on long after you’re out of the saddle.

Some gear changing did occur, but bicibits is and will always be dedicated to giving back to communities in need with emphasis on bicycle advocacy, local, national and international bike groups that support bicibits’ mission, while supporting local growth, safe streets initiatives, sustainable development and traumatic brain injury awareness; My strongest belief is that the bicycle is meant to empower humans.

So hop on!  Get your ride smile on and help spread some happy!

bicibits Mission To share ride smiles one pedal stroke at a time. I aspire to inspire with original design, whimsical bike art and a solid conviction to never give up hope; that with a strong lead out team of amazing supportive individuals like you, bicibits will keep expanding the worldwide connection of bicycling and a life well lived.

Get Your Ride Smile On!

Live. Love. Laugh. Ride.