Traumatic Brain Injury is a life-changing event. It can happen to anyone, at any time, without warning. It is usually the result of a violent blow to the head or jolt, such as those caused in car accidents.

Cycling accidents are a major cause of traumatic brain injury in the USA.

TBI can cause physical, sensory, and cognitive symptoms that range from headaches and fatigue to profound confusion and difficulties with memory and concentration.

Brain Injury Network of Dallas provides tools and a bridge of support to adult brain injury survivors so they can reconnect into life, the community and workplace. BIND empowers members no longer considered medical patients, to maximize strengths while developing strategies to meet goals for community reintegration.

The BIND vision is to lead the DFW area in providing member-driven services and will serve as the model for Brain Injury Clubhouses across the state of Texas.

Started in 1980, the Brain Injury Association of America works to advance research, treatment, and education for those affected by traumatic brain injury. Please consider helping us raise money for this organization!

If you, or someone you know is suffering from traumatic brain injury, read the Traumatic Brain Injury Survival Guide by Dr. Glen Johnson. This is a free download in .doc format that you can read using Microsoft Word or other popular text programs.

Traumatic Brain Injury is a significant health issue for service members and veterans, often resulting from combat operations and blast-related concussion events. The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center provides information to help service members and veterans who have experienced traumatic brain injury.

Trymunity is an online community for traumatic brain injury survivors and supporters where individuals and their families can find help and support from others who share their experiences.