Part 4 The Day I Did Not Die

Small World Kawinkidink or Kismet?   Well, here we are again. I tell you, time whizzes by with such fierceness, like the reigning champ Sagan. Speaking of the Maillot Vert  –Tour de France Green Sprinters Jersey for my non roadie fans I wish to introduce you to an other great bicyclist in a green jersey. It may be just a soft cotton t-shirt that reads “Get your ride smile on…” and not a race winning, but she wears it with such heart and grace. I give her top spot on the podium! Meet Karen Z. Karen and I met 8 years ago. So she tells me. I’ll take her word for it as I have no memory of the event. I do however have an official document somewhere stating that’s a true fact. It was not a planned meet up. Not even a bike ride encounter per se. No, she was just minding her own biz and wishing she was that girl on the bike up ahead instead of having to go work or whatever had her driving instead of riding on that beautiful morning of July 23, 2010. The day I did not die. Yep, just rolled through an other milestone. Year 8 of TBI recovery, in addition a concussion to add an extra challenge this year, that’s a whole other story you can read about it in past blog post Part 3.   Let’s get back to Karen. On Jan 30th I received a message through the bicibits website from this woman who wished to exchange the size of a t-shirt that she had won at a charity auction bicibits had donated to. “No prob!” –says I. She continued on to say: “It was meant to be, me receiving this t-shirt in the wrong size because in searching the website, I finally found you and know the rest of your story after 7 years… I was driving the car that was behind the man that hit you and the first to call 911… So happy to see what all you are doing and that big smile on your face. I know it is still a hard road. I am Karen Z. and if you want, you can contact me.” Well, that blew whatever expression right off my face! Wow! Kismet! Of course I contacted her. We met for a hot beverage on a very cold morning in February and I adored her instantly. How can one not. Karen is sweet, funny, strong and a wonderful human being and she’s a bike gal. We hugged, dumped the nerves, regaled each other with stories of our lives and how we came to be sitting there after 7 years, a brain injury, life changing events on both sides, a new small business and several moves across states, just a few of our experiences, sharing the warmth of a fire place and much gratitude together. We have met again a couple times as our schedules and lives allow for. Also saw Karen recently at a PBA Minnie’s Pantry Pedal Ride. She was the first person I locked sights on as I was looking for were to go. Can’t miss her regal height and huge ride smile next to her even taller lovely husband. Definitely going to tuck in behind them on the next ride -what a slipstream they’ll lay for bitsy me. That’s all I got for today. Thought you might want to share in on some happy moments. With all that is going on in the world today, it’s nice to know that there are beautiful peoples and incredible experiences populating our planet, paving it with love and kindness and giving way to inspire radness. As always, keep that ride smile shining bright! ~ Silvana   Photos: top: Karen and I  February 2018 center: My Beloved Custom Steel Frame Bike July 2010 bottom: Anniversary Ride July 23rd, 2018   photo credit: The awesome Beverly K. of Team Tough Cookies. Thanks for the ride and all your ongoing support Beverly!            

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