Part 3: The Long Summer of 2017

Can you believe we are in holiday mode already? It seems like just yesterday I was chasing national champion riders and dinosaur tracks in Moab and winding up colossal climbs in Colorado. Good times for sure. Many more adventures are in store ahead. Starting with Nov 23rd when bicibits closes for Black Friday and will OptOutside and hope you will join me in celebrating life outdoors! In case your stuck to the couch waiting for all that holiday yumminess to digest, the website is on auto. But there will not be a human behind the screen.

Blog Part 3: The Long Summer of 2017
A lot has happened since spring. After an incredible 6 week tour of the west spreading ride smiles, hanging with great friends and making new ones, visiting partner shops and galleries, and just riding my heart out in wide open spaces, I returned to the big city. Not that that’s a bad thing, just different. It’s hectic, and slightly overwhelming, also filled with great triumphs and beautiful days. But life happens. The planet heaps obstacles as well as bounty; There were donations to gather and deliver, then there was the hit and run. Yes! Yikes indeed! Rear-ended by a pickup who’s driver left me dazed, concussed and injured sitting alone in my car. Thankfully I was not on my bike this time.Thankfully my bike was not on my bike rack either. Surprising it’s one of the 1st things I remembered after the trip to the ER. I’m not going to whine and give you all the sordid details, merely letting you know what has been going on since we last connected joyously on here. When I celebrated 7 years of becoming a TBI warrior, overcoming many of the daily challenges of life with a brain injury. That said, the accident in August really raised havoc on my brain. I lost September in the memory bank, October was spent in outpatient rehab trying to get my balance back, cognitive skills realigned and injuries to calm down, November has begun with neuro testing and more rehab. Bleh! And no bike riding! I know, right! How incredibly insensitive of those folks in white coats. But I’m fighting back. Each day working diligently on basic skills and pushing through the brain fog to keep bringing you loads of happy bike radness. “Wheels Down Soon!” is my mantra of the month.

Before that mucked-up day at the end of August and today, so much has happened Awesomeness and tragedy and more awesomeness.

Hurricanes, floods and fires, and everyday heroes showing up and helping out those in need. Thank you good peoples!

The Happy Brain Auction Gala for went bombastically! Thanks to all the wonderful donors, sponsors, guests and crew of the BIND. I missed the party but heard it was full of lively fun, grace and celebration.

Dallas Bike Ride happened. It was a day of closed off streets and miles of ride smiles with an after party downtown. We are slowly getting there in our city, recognizing the need to share the roads and expand our conscious effort to become bike friendly.

My friend Shannonigans (much deserved new nick-name) rode her bike from the Canadian border to Mexico along the Pacific roadways to benefit MS and to expand her horizons physically and in mind & spirit. (Really wanted to join her on that adventure)

One of the local womens cycling teams I sponsor DSS, is making dirt look sassy, riding easy with their group social rides and clinics, and notably growing our mtb community here in TX.

bicibits showed up well represented in Tucson at Catalina Brewing Co. for Bike Art Night benefit.

The list goes on, but I’m out of words for today. So let me leave you with one more brief note and a few photos of the endless season of bicycling…Along With a Bit of November BikesGiving!

I have designed new jewelry for the bicibits line of cycling gifts and managed to do an outdoor artisan/farm market with the help of aforementioned friend Shannonigans. More of those to come, so if you’re in the neighborhood, roll on out and say hi. They are posted ahead of time on bicibits social media.

Wishing you a Spintacular Thanksgiving!
~ Silvana


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