Goodbye April! Hello Bike Month!

Bike Month, Tanden Bicycle, Mother's Day
Bike Month, Tanden Bicycle, Mother's Day
Happy Mother’s Day!

Good bye April

Your showers brought turbulence, confinement and uncertainty. But you also gave us clear skies, no traffic, people planting seeds of love and hope as well as blooms, fruits and veggies. We celebrated Earth Day more as a reunion with the planet, than a date on the calendar.

You gave us long periods of time to go for bike rides and walks and reflect on our lives. You tossed is some exquisite moonlit nights and meteor showers.
You taught many to home school and experience a tiny grain of what amazing teachers do.
You guided others to open up their hearts to helping neighbors and strangers.
You broke off pieces from our hearts and you gave us real life heroes.
It was definitely an assortment of formidable challenges and a diverse variety of radness.

Bring it May!

Bring on National Bike Month!
Bring us belief in our courage, our fierce determination to continue doing what we love and the strength of selflessness needed to deal with the wearied and the wired we have become in containment.

Bring on more acts of kindness and face masks that make statements of unity as well as personal style.
Bring on our creative spirits and tenacious character to carry out goals and achieve resolution in this time of Covid19 long after the circumstance in which it was created has yielded.

Bring it May! Bring us sunshine and laughter so we can continue to sustain healthy bodies, and minds open to opportunities and answers that seemed impossible yesterday.

Bring on Mother’s day from near and far.
I miss my mom. It’s been a couple months of phone calls and photo shares. She’s pretty amazing and can’t wait to sit down to one of her meals as we volley stories of all the little things that make up this great big complicated yet, beautiful life.

My tribe of ride smiles, my friends, my family, my loved ones and those that have no choice but to stick by me, through sheer stubbornness on my part of course 😅; My wish for you, is that you get to enjoy some time with mom. If she is no longer with you, take time to remember all her magic and love that lingers like stardust. If she is with you or at least in virtual contact, do the same. Enjoy the love and live the moments, take her on a bike ride.

Pedal on…
Accept the changes with wondrous expectation and knowing that we are stronger together, even if apart.
~ Silvana

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