It Takes The Whole Tribe

Outdoor, Bike Ride, Mountains

This is us. Stronger together, yet apart. The impact of the Coronavirus on a small business.

Outdoor, Bike Ride, Mountains

Musing on the Coronavirus

How is everyone holding up?

Wanted to check in from my very remote makeshift studio in the mountains of Colorado where I have been holed up for the past month.
Fortunately the views are incredible and social distancing is not difficult. It’s just me, the trees, the deer and their fawn, coyotes howling in the starlight of dusk and dawn and an occasional mini blizzard chased by radiant sunshine.

It was not on the planner, this extended trip. As like with many of you I am away from family and loved ones. And yes, it weighs heavy on my heart as does this whole new existence with the coronavirus running rampant. It hurts deep in my soul all the tragedy, anxiety, displacement, job losses, and new burdens on top of everyday life that have been dropped upon us with such uncertainty.

Thankfully I do have my girls’ best friend with me – My bike! Faithful as always, keeping me sane.

Even though I’m still not recovered from that 2nd TBI and can’t do any real mountain biking, it’s awesome being able to pedal around the quiet dirt roads and empty town streets. And of course, there is you, sharing your love and stories, humor and social media pics to keep everyone rolling.

Seems like just yesterday I was prepping for the road trip, upcoming events and the site relaunch. When the world took a sharp hard spin on its axis. It will be a difficult time for bicibits to sustain rolling as usual. I must be honest and admit that I’m a bit wobbly on how this is going to work out. I am however positive that I will continue to shine ride smiles into the world, I’m just not sure how that will look like at this time. I have been in contact with several vendors, mentors and small biz entrepreneurs who are tackling the same challenges and we are all seeking and exploring creative ways to maintain doing what we love and sharing that passion with you as we grind through the uncertainty that brews for us all.

Exercising and Biking During the Quarantine

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, causing bike rides, races and many other events to be postponed and canceled, you might be asking “should I be riding and exercising?” The answer according to experts is yes. Your personal health and fitness is essential at this time.

There’s loads of reasons to keep riding, hiking, running, or just enjoy a good walk. We know that a half hour to 2 hours of moderately brisk activity is known to support the immune system. Your immune system is what fends off viruses. Also a huge factor right now is our mental health. The benefits of exercise are especially important now, given the social and extraordinary stresses we are all facing.

Safe Biking with Social Distancing In Mind

Having said this, I urge you to take into account these important considerations if you choose to hit the trails or roads right now. Stay informed of local announcements, trail and park closures, and restriction updates as they change daily. Ride solo. Safely of course. Get out and enjoy the solitude and tranquility, avoid populated areas, try timing your rides or hikes for when you know your route will be less crowded.

If you’re out with a small group or family, keep your distance. 6-10 ft is recommended. Don’t grab someone’s wheel and draft. The CDC tells us transmission happens through respiratory droplets that are produced through a cough or sneeze but also between people who are in close contact with one another. Huffing and puffing releases a lot of those contagious bits. So again, keep your distance. As for sweat droplets, well, I would definitely keep a good orbit radius as the wind is not always our friend. And please, no snot rockets people!

What if your ride buddy gets a flat or has a small crash? Keep your distance. Call for help if it’s an emergency or something beyond your technical abilities and you are far from home. Many mobile velo repair vans are still in operation and following strict guidelines for everyone’s safety. Of course 911 is still responding to serious injuries. Please try to avoid that need. Keep the rubber down and your ride smile shining up to the sun.

Are you quarantined? If so, I’m truly sorry. That really whomps! Hoping it’s just a precaution.

If you are not sick, by all means hop on the trainer or do some cross strength and weight training. I love my yoga practice and still keep up with all my TBI, neck and shoulder P/T workouts. Keep strong! Staying fit now will just make your friends all jelli when you drop them on the next ride out.

If unfortunately you do have flu or fever or the dreaded coronavirus, don’t try to sweat it out. According to the medical community it will make things worse.

General rule is “if it’s icky from the neck up” and no fever, some moderate exercise is ok. It helps relieve the head congestion of a small cold or sinus crud. If your symptoms are “below the neck” such as all over muscle ache, fever, chest congestion, stomach upset, cough or hacking up the nasty stuff. Don’t work out. Do however check in with your doctor.

Still widely reported, you can be contagious without symptoms and the contagion period is unknown to us and questions about transmission remain. Right now the priority is to keep flattening the curve!

Flattening the Curve: We are stronger together yet, apart at this time.

Let’s be part of the solution and do all that we possibly can to maintain the health and well-being of our families, friends, and humanity as a whole. 
We are stronger together yet, apart at this time.

Let’s stay healthy and ready to ride for when this tempest has blown through and bike buddies can rejoice together again.

Summer will come. Eventually we will pull through this, albeit in a different society from that which we have become accustomed to. Some of us will have been personally affected by loss of friends and loved ones, I send love and condolences. Some of us will be looking for jobs and ways to pay the bills. Some will have learned to home school their kiddos, we will have reached out to neighbours we have never met, helped out those in need. It does take a village, a tribe, all of us.

Praying to the powers that be high in the ethers that we learn from this, become more compassionate and educated, that we spread love and kindness not hate and divisiveness.

I believe in my heart that high fives, swishes of tires and wooots of joy and relief will surge and resonate throughout the planet with newfound energy and the spirit of sharing a ride smile if we all come together and do right by each other.

Sending big love & happy, healthy bike vibes to all.

Pedal on… ✌️💖😊
~ Silvana

P.S. Yes, the web site is relaunching as I write this. It took a while to get wifi out here in my little rural spot of peaceful space. As well, I have and will continue to post on bicibits’ social media what I have available with me and what you might have to be a little patient for on delivery. Just think, it will be like Christmas in summer. All the excitement and anticipation of giving and receiving that which gets your ride smile on.

We could all use a bit of smiling right now.

Be kind and share the news with your friends. A girl has to eat and it’s not growing season up here yet 😉